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Omega 3-6 Pure Salmon Oil Supplement for Dogs and Cats

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(52 customer reviews)


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Salmon oil for dogs and cats


Pharmaceutical Human Grade Salmon oil For Dogs & Cats

  • Salmon oil for dogs & cats supplements your pets kibble, raw or canned food
  • Deodorized to reduce smell, yet dogs & cats love the taste
  • Nourishes skin for a soft, shiny coat; relieves itching, paw licking and dry, flaky skin due to allergies
  • Supports your dog’s heart, brain, immune and digestive health; helps with arthritis
  • Sourced from farmed Norwegian salmon; free of impurities, toxins and heavy metals, tested for mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead
  • Unique brushed aluminum bottle won’t leach like plastics, keeping salmon oil pure and potent; easy pump dispenser
  • Recommended to use within 120 days once opened; refrigerated product can last much longer
  • 365-day money back guarantee

Improve Your Pet’s Health with the Powerful Benefits Of Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats

The Easy way to Boost Your Dog’s Health With the  Nutritional Benefits of Salmon.

Dogs thrive on a healthy diet high in omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA. EPA is an anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation due to arthritis and allergies. DHA supports the central nervous system, brain and retina.

Salmon contains high levels of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty fish is an excellent choice for dogs from pregnant and nursing dams to older dogs with chronic conditions. Salmon can reduce the risk of cancer, kidney failure and heart disease. The healthy fats nourish your dog’s skin to relieve itching, paw licking and dryness while nurturing a soft, silky coat.

It’s easy to supplement your dog’s diet with the benefits of salmon with Purity Pupplements Salmon Oil For Dogs.

Providing Pure, Potent Salmon Oil Supplements

The Easy way to Boost Your Dog’s Health With the  Nutritional Benefits of Salmon.

Purity Pupplements is proud to provide pure, human pharmaceutical grade salmon oil supplements for dogs.

Our salmon oil is derived from Norwegian salmon. Our oils are extracted at cool temperatures to keep the fatty acids intact.

Our unique molecular distillation process removes impurities, toxins and heavy metal. Our products are tested to be free of mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.

Bottled in the USA

Contains No Rosemary Extract

Some salmon oil products contain rosemary oil as a preservative. Rosemary oil can cause neurological problems, seizures and anemia. For this reason, Purity Pupplements products contain no rosemary extract.

Brushed Aluminum Bottle

Over time, plastic bottles can be broken down by fish oils, contaminating the product and compromising its purity. That’s why all Purity Pupplements products come in a hexane free, epoxy resin coated brushed aluminum bottle that keeps the contents pure and potent.

How To Feed Purity Pupplements Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats

The Easy way to Boost Your Dog’s Health With the  Nutritional Benefits of Salmon.

Give your dog 1 teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight. Feed once a day or split into two meals.

One pump of the pump bottle equals about ½ teaspoon.

Trying for the first time?
You may want to start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount each day to lesson chance of stomach upset.

Simply pump over your dog’s kibble, canned food or raw meal. Dogs love the taste!


Purity Pupplements Salmon Oil does not need to be refrigerated, though refrigeration will help preserve the freshness of the product. Use within 120 days or 4 months. Once oil has turned, it may have a rancid odor – sniff to check for freshness.

Guaranteed Analysis per Teaspoon (4,800mg)

  • Crude Protein 0%
  • Crude Fat 99.9%
  • Moisture 0.1%
  • Crude Ash 0%
  • Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids max* 1,118 mg/tsp
  • Elcosapentaenoic Acid max* (EPA) 644 mg
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid max *(DHA) 414 mg
  • Omega 6 fatty acid’s max* 82 mg
  • Vitamin E 1,051ppm
  • Ingredients: Atlantic Salmon – Norwegian salmon Mixed Tocopherols (natural preservative)

52 reviews for Omega 3-6 Pure Salmon Oil Supplement for Dogs and Cats

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sam Bondar

    Very prompt shipping! Item as described and works like magic. Highly recommend seller!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John K.

    This stuff is great and my dog loved it from the first time I opened her first bottle. I put 3 pumps of the oil and mix it into her water everyday just as the bottle description says to do. I’ve been using it for a while now and she loves the oil. And she is excited every time I put it in her water.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kon P.

    Our dogs love the taste, the oil is deodorized so it does not give off a nasty fishy smell. We have been using both the sardine anchovy oil and the salmon oil and often we mix the two together. For 2 weeks we have been giving it to them consistently and noticed they are scratching less and their coats are softer. We are happy with the product.

  4. Veronika B.

    Great product! Our 2 little dogs seem to enjoy the taste (unlike humans eating vitamins 🙂 the bottle is made of nice quality and a no mess pump is a cherry on top for convenience. Will definitely re-order and continue using.

  5. Alie

    We love these supplements for our dogs by purity puppliments.We can tell our dogs love them too! We noticed their energy levels are higher, and their coats are shinier, and they look overall healthier and noticeably happier! Thank you so much for such a great product as we want the best for our pups!

  6. Viktoriya Zherebnenkovon

    After using this product for a few weeks now, we have noticed that our German Shepherd’s fur has reduced shedding significantly. Her coat is soft and shiny. Salmon oil has a minimal smell and we do not smell any odor coming from our dog. We recommend this product and will be ordering more of it.

  7. Customer

    This thing works like MAGIC!! Highly Recommend it! Our cat has skin allergies and this helps tremendously. We just mix it with her water and so far it has greatly reduced her allergy skin problems. Must have!

  8. Lilly Malik

    My little husky loves this stuff. I always take vitamins, so might as well do the same for my dog. The smell isnt bad at all, i expected a bad smell but its fine! & the metal container is high quality. Recommend for your fury little pets!

  9. sweetncrazy

    My dogs love it on their food.

  10. Amazon Customer

    The bottle is big, this is great value for the price. Oil doesn’t smell at all and is easy to serve with a few pumps. My dog loves the taste and it helps their coat!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kristina Kirilyuk

    I was expecting great things since I ordered the sardine version of this product, and is great. Once again healthy ingredients, really helping my dog.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marina M

    The seller was very prompt at getting this out…! Thanks

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kristy Hoefferle

    From the time I ordered, until the day I got it, it was 10 or 11 days. I wasnt too happy about the long wait, but I am thinking it was out or on back order.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Linda M Shaw

    Fast shipping, item as described…thank you!!

  15. Charlie

    Our Dog loves this stuff.

  16. Rated 1 out of 5


    I had high hopes my kitty girls would love it and get all shiny and healthier but they’re not interested. I decided I’d wipe some on their paws and thus force them to lick it off but I didn’t like smelling like salmon even after washing it off my hands. Nice dispenser, maybe I can make something they’ll like and use it.

  17. Jenny Cornelison

    Item as described, would buy from again.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary Ann Payton

    Very pleased.

  19. Charnita Fance

    Received on time. Superb packaging. No issues.

  20. daisy burgos

    the item was very well packaged.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jamie Myers

    Superb customer service support, great products and services. Over all a great and trusted company.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    matthew j. mellon

    I accidentally messed up my order and contacted the seller. The response was very quick and the resolution was what was requested. Very satisfied with this seller.

  23. Kerry Smith

    Great Seller, Thank you!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5

    Deborah Colgrove

    My product arrived in great condition. It was exactly as the seller described. Thank you.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carly Sevy

    This oil is great! My dog Leia LOVES it!

  26. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donna Yost

    Great to deal with. Good quality products! Had exactly what I was looking for

  27. Michelle Mollohan

    Prompt delivery, well packaged for shipment.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kalvin Douglass

    Great seller! Product arrived on time and was higher quality than expected

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Teressa M.

    Katie loves her salmon oil supplement! Her dandruff is even clearing up.
    Teressa M.

  30. ByMatthew J.

    I will only fed my dog dry food that is USA made. I don’t feed him any treats that are made in China or other countries that have suspect manufacturing procedures. This product is sourced from Norway where the waters are cleaner and safer.
    I’ve added this to his dry food and he enjoys it. I habe also noticed a reduction in his flakey skin.

  31. Maria T.

    Believe it or not, but Salmon Oil makes my life easier! My dog wouldn’t eat dry kibble food if I don’t mix in something delicious in it. Mixing it with wet food twice a day would be too expensive. So I trick him with Salmon Oil. I smother his food with 3 pumps of oil, shake it in his bowl, so the oil covers it all. He now inhales his dinners! I love how Purity Pupplements give the suggested use amounts on the back of the bottle. 3 pumps a day from 17 ounces bottle will last me at least 6 months. The value is really great!

    The fact that it’s not just for the taste & pleasure, but also great for my pup’s health is another great bonus. His skin used to be dry, and even flaky at times. He actually stopped itching himself, and his coat looks very healthy and shiny. I haven’t noticed any effects on his heart or joints. He’s a young pup though, and fortunately doesn’t have any health

  32. Chey R

    This has cleared up my dogs sensitive skin issues amazingly! I also love that I can give to both my dogs and cats, saves me money, my pets love it, & I love what it does for my pets! I will never stop adding this Into their diets.

  33. RainbowGeek

    My dog loves this salmon oil! Her coat has never looked better and I am sweeping less hair up everyday! thank you for a great product.

  34. Emily Towe

    Thanks for a flawless transaction! I will leave product feedback after a few weeks of feeding it to my dog, she loves it so far 🙂

  35. Tina Cole

    I have a Siberian husky puppy 8 months old, She has been very particular about what she eats. We have tried several Brands of Food and none seem to please her. I was so happy after I put the Pure Salmon Oil from Purity Pupplements on her food and now feeding has become no longer an issue ! She now woofs it down . No Pun intended, lol 🙂

  36. Amazon Customer

    So I’ve been using this salmon oil on my puppy for 4 months now and I can honestly say that my dog and I love this stuff. I have a blue nose pit and they are known to have bad skin issues, so I started giving her one pump a day in her food and her skin is in great condition. Plus her fur looks amazing!! I get complements all the time on how soft and shiny her coat is. I always try to make sure my dog is healthy and happy. I am still using the same bottle too, so it lasts a while. Highly recommended!!!!!

  37. ByJ. DeCimaon

    I’ve been using this for almost two full weeks now and I haven’t had a problem with it so far! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It was HUGE which is awesome because I knew from previous experiences that I really like using salmon oil for my cat so this will last me for a long time. You only need one pump per feeding so I can’t imagine I’ll be running out of this any time soon. It smells the same as any other salmon oil we’ve used, not overpowering or unpleasant. I haven’t tasted it myself, but it must either be undetectable or taste good because my cat hasn’t had any issues finishing her food! I love this because it’s good for her skin and coat. It’s also supposed to help with internal health as well so that’s awesome. I’ve been letting my mom use some for her cat too because her cat is almost 13 years old and she says it helps with her joint pain as well. Plus they have less fur balls when I use this stuff long term so I’m really happy with it and would definitely recommend for any cat or dog owners out there!

  38. Donna Yost

    My cats, get lots of hair balls, like most cats. I find Purity Pupplements Pure Salmon Oil For Dogs & Cats is a huge help. It is odorless, and 100% natural. It is fantastic for hairballs, controlling dander and helps with shedding. I like it comes in a aluminum bottle with a pump. That way if it gets dropped no fear of the bottle breaking like some plastic ones do. It also has a rubber stopper so that the oil does not leak out of it before you put the pump on the bottle. The pump is really easy, only one push of the pump and the oil comes out. I just put it on my cats food. It took them time to get use to it, but they do like it. This product comes from Norway, it is made from pure Norwegian salmon; free of impurities, toxins and heavy metals, tested for mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead. So that is great for your pet. We have one cat that has a terrible dander problem and since using this product we have seen a huge difference.

  39. NatureHippie

    The cat loves it. Her coat is super shiny after just a few days! It doesn’t smell too bad from the human side of it either. Just put a few pumps on her food. I will continue to use it for a long while!

  40. Shantel skaggs

    i love the product

  41. lynda Roberson

    Quality Pure Salmon Oil for dogs & cats makes their fur soft & shiny.

  42. shantel skaggson

    its great for my pup and he loves it with his food

  43. Tracy Denillo

    Item arrived on time. Good packaging. No issues with order. Would buy from this seller again

  44. Rated 5 out of 5

    Haneda M.

    Cornbread really loving her salmon oil! It’s a fun little treat to add to her food and ive noticed that she’s been itching a lot less and her coat is so soft and shiny!
    Haneda M. Cantonment, FL

  45. Justin White

    My dog loves it added to his food in the morning – I’ve been using it for two weeks his coat is already much softer. I combined this with glucosamine treats.

  46. Esmé L.

    My doggy loves to scarf down her kibble when it’s mixed with this oil! We were using another salmon oil previously that did not call itself “de-scented” and it was definitely *much* more stinky. This one is not completely odorless (how would that even be totally possible guys it’s SALMON OIL), but it’s not off-putting either. My dog’s bowl is in a narrow hallway and she doesn’t always eat her food all at once — if there’s food remaining for a few hours, we don’t smell the oil when we walk by, as we used to with the stinkier salmon oil brand. Can’t say she sheds any less since we started with it (St. Bernard/Golden Retriever mix … so she is pretty much as furry as it gets … plus it’s summer shedding season), but she’s healthy and shiny and happy! I will be buying this again soon!

  47. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrea Banner

    I have tried & love both your Purity Pupplements Salmon Oil and the Sardine Anchovy Oil. It’s just one of the supplements I provide my dogs with that will make them as healthy as they can be for their whole life. I also give them NZGLM for Arthritis and an Algae supplement for overall health and to help to prevent cancer. Dog Food does not provide everything they need because it is made with high heat temperatures that “kill” all the “good” stuff that’s in it. You have to supplement with pure, healthy, non-toxic, vitamins, minerals & Omega 3’s to support their immune system throughout their whole life. It is crucial and the building blocks to fight disease & prevent cancer so you’ll have a long and healthy life with your pets!!

    Thanks again,
    Andrea Banner 🐾 🐶 🐱 🐎

  48. Elena M Boeva

    The order came in incredibly fast. The bottle itself is solid and well packaged.
    I gave the fish oil to my cats and they seem more energetic and playful! As an added bonus my overweight cat eats less since using the salmon oil!
    What’s crazy is that I’ve used the product for nearly 2 weeks and am already seeing results. All in all its a great product and would definitely recommend to a friend!!!

  49. Alexnder k.

    Our Family Loves this oil!!! I Didn’t know how good it was for my babies!… thank you!

  50. Rated 5 out of 5

    I. Daniel Liuzza

    We have been using your product for the last 3 months, and we have notice remarkable change in their coats as well more flexibility in their hind legs.

    Your product was highly recommended by a friend who also saw major results on their dogs.

    Attached is a pic of our dogs.

    I. Daniel Liuzza
    St. Louis, MO

  51. Susan

    The item arrived fast and the product is as advertised. Quality aluminum container and my husky loves the the taste. Great omega 3 oil product for pets.

  52. Rated 4 out of 5


    Came in a nice strong bottle, seems like good quality salmon oil, however our dogs don’t like it. We gave it to my parents and their dogs eat it up!

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