Purity Pupplements is based in Oceanside, California, where the supplements are prepared for delivery to pet lovers around the world.

Founded by brothers Viktor and Yuriy Kraynov. Growing up in Northern California the Kraynov brothers always saw pets as family members, and couldn’t imagine a life without them.

Their large, close-knit family was glued together by a love for all animals that shared their home and property – from dogs and cats to chickens and even a lamb which their sister Mary got for her birthday (Mary had a little lamb).

our mission

The mission of Purity Pupplements is to provide all natural, high quality products to support the longevity and quality of life of your pets. Dogs, cats, horses and other animals need omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA for optimal, whole body health.

These fatty acids are not created within the animal’s body – they must be a daily part of a healthy diet. Omega 3 fatty acids quickly break down in pet foods, making it impossible for your pets to consistently get enough in their meals. That’s where Purity Pupplements comes in.

Our pure, human pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements support your pets at every stage of life, whether you’re interested in:

  • Improving your pet’s coat softness and shine by nourishing the skin, supporting growth of a silky coat from the follicle up
  • Giving your litter a healthy start by giving your pregnant or nursing animal a fish supplement that supports prenatal brain development
  • Improving your senior pet’s quality of life by reducing painful joint inflammation due to arthritis
  • Preventing or helping treat illness by supporting digestive, neurological, immune and heart health
  • Relieving itchy, irritated skin and reversing fur loss for less scratching, paw-licking and chewing

Purity Pupplements is proud to provide all natural supplements that make it easy and affordable for you to give your pets the very best.

Pure, Natural And Effective

With the success of our fish oil supplements, it’s clear to us that a small change in diet can make a huge difference in your pet’s immediate and long-term health. With so many choices on the market of varying quality, Purity Pupplements is committed to providing the purest and most effective supplements available for pets.

Our fish oils are derived from fish imported from the pure, virtually pollution-free glacial waterways of Norway and Iceland. Cool extraction preserves the fatty acids so your pets can enjoy the benefits of fresh fish with each pump.

Our unique molecular distillation process quickly removes any existing impurities for a truly pure, potent finished product.

You’ll notice that all of our fish oil products come in a unique, brushed aluminum bottle. Plastic containers break down from oils and can leach chemicals, compromising the purity and safety of the product. Our aluminum bottles keep our supplements clean and free of hexane and other harmful chemicals.

Most of our fish oils are de-scented for an easy to serve supplement that won’t emit any strong odors, though your pets will love the taste. Every meal is a special treat drizzled with tasty, nutritious fish oil. Your pets will soon associate the green pump bottle with that delicious fishy flavor – and you’ll feel good about boosting their diets with a topping they love.

our promise

Before Purity Pupplements was founded, we made a promise and commitment to ourselves, our customers and the pets that would consume our supplements. That promise was simply to offer the best, all natural supplements available from our green, God given earth.

Our promise and commitment to you and your pet remains the same as when we started. We promise only to offer the finest, purest and all natural supplements for your pets under the Purity Pupplements brand.

We’re convinced you and your fury pets will love the results of our all natural products. Try any of our supplements for 365 days and for any reason if you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of your money back. Guaranteed!

fish oil for dogs and cats guarantee

That’s our way of showing we believe in our supplements and the wonders they do for pets. Become part of the Purity Pupplements family and try our supplements risk-free.

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